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Novak Djokovic Beats World Number 1 !!

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Novak Đoković at 2007 US Open


 After Federer exiting Wimbledon,Fans got sure that Nadal will be winning the Cup this time.But wait….Nadal too got defeated…Ya right…Novak Djokovic,Serbian star,defeated Nadal in Wimbledon finals on Sunday.It was a teriffic match indeed.Novak Djokovic seemed to gained confidence as Nadal was struggling with his form.Nadal in his previous match came back against Murray after a bad start but couldn’t repeat the same against this Serbian player.Nadal from the starting was choked and was feeling helpless in the match.Djokovic becameso much dominant that he started to serve at 93mph with such venom that Nadal’s forehand response was wide.Nadal was stunned by the performance of this young player.And as expected Nadal lost the game by straight sets 6-4,6-1,1-6,6-3…

Djokovic is the first from his country to capture a Wimbledon singles title.


Man Vs Machine !!!

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Fans wave the Indian flag during a match again...



When cricket started,there were no provisions for third empire and other electronic gadgets for calculating speed,direction or any other facility was provided.But still Cricket went all through decades to make people cricket maniac.In India cricket became far more than just a game…it beacme a religion.Everyone sat together,with no discrimination and cheered for Men In Blue.With the advancement of technology,TV empires came up,many electronic devices came up to reduce basically the human error of judging the batsman out or not.So as to decrease the cases of partiality or any other discrimination.
But ,unfortunately with the advancement the human errors also increased,atleast for the Indian Side though.Men In Blue became prey to many Australian umpires and were started to rely totally on machine rather than the well-trained humans…Initially,wrong decisions were taken as a part of the game.But as the frequency increased,the anger,frustration too started to swirl in the minds of Indian fans as well as in Men In Blue. Repeated avoidable mistakes lead to thought of discrimination and hate.

Recently MS Dhoni was caught in the trap which resulted in apologising of ICC to Indian Cricket Team.
Till the end,the questioned remain the same “should we replace human decisions by that of machines every time or not ?”