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Novak Djokovic Beats World Number 1 !!

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Novak Đoković at 2007 US Open


 After Federer exiting Wimbledon,Fans got sure that Nadal will be winning the Cup this time.But wait….Nadal too got defeated…Ya right…Novak Djokovic,Serbian star,defeated Nadal in Wimbledon finals on Sunday.It was a teriffic match indeed.Novak Djokovic seemed to gained confidence as Nadal was struggling with his form.Nadal in his previous match came back against Murray after a bad start but couldn’t repeat the same against this Serbian player.Nadal from the starting was choked and was feeling helpless in the match.Djokovic becameso much dominant that he started to serve at 93mph with such venom that Nadal’s forehand response was wide.Nadal was stunned by the performance of this young player.And as expected Nadal lost the game by straight sets 6-4,6-1,1-6,6-3…

Djokovic is the first from his country to capture a Wimbledon singles title.


Man Vs Machine !!!

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Fans wave the Indian flag during a match again...



When cricket started,there were no provisions for third empire and other electronic gadgets for calculating speed,direction or any other facility was provided.But still Cricket went all through decades to make people cricket maniac.In India cricket became far more than just a game…it beacme a religion.Everyone sat together,with no discrimination and cheered for Men In Blue.With the advancement of technology,TV empires came up,many electronic devices came up to reduce basically the human error of judging the batsman out or not.So as to decrease the cases of partiality or any other discrimination.
But ,unfortunately with the advancement the human errors also increased,atleast for the Indian Side though.Men In Blue became prey to many Australian umpires and were started to rely totally on machine rather than the well-trained humans…Initially,wrong decisions were taken as a part of the game.But as the frequency increased,the anger,frustration too started to swirl in the minds of Indian fans as well as in Men In Blue. Repeated avoidable mistakes lead to thought of discrimination and hate.

Recently MS Dhoni was caught in the trap which resulted in apologising of ICC to Indian Cricket Team.
Till the end,the questioned remain the same “should we replace human decisions by that of machines every time or not ?”

India Vs West Indies !!

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Ishant Sharma at Adelaide Oval



India vs West Indies test series is among the most thrilling series I hace watched in my life.I just switched on my television and was shocked to find that Indian batting order was struggling again !! They were playing at 44 with 4 wickets back in pavalion with Rahul Dravid among them.Only VVS Laxman,Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh were left to stand up a good score.VVS Laxman proved his experience and played with hard bat to score outstanding 85 and reaching aggregate of 8000 runs,after Sachin,Rahul and Sunil Gavaskar. He played like a matured batsman,hitting fours with so much ease that gave confidence to Suresh Raina,a young talented and ya ofcourse Poster Boy of Indian cricket team to help India reach a somehow good total of 201.VVS Laxman is now counted among very few batsmen in the world that can sting with the tail.He played marvelous innings with tail-enders,helping them to gain confidence and score for the country.This match ,I am sure would be stored among his classics.

In return after this shocking start from India,I expected the same situation for West Indies also (as happened in last test match which gave me  confidence to think beyond possibilities). Same thing happened with West Indies,as they were thrashed by furious bowling by Ishant sharma and Praveen Kumar.They bowled so beautifuly that created havoc in West Indies pavilion.West Indies batting order collapsed like cards and were helpless and ya,choked to fight against cruel Indian Bowlers.

At last,India was back in the match…with Indies losing their 5 wickets with 60 runs on board…and Men In Blue gave another hope of winning…

Great Wall Of India !!

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid



All of you might have heard about ‘Great Wall of China‘…But this wall in India is much different from all other walls.Born in Banglore streets.Jammy is nick name kept for him,most consistent batsman of Indian cricket team,most technically sound batsman of the world…I dont think any more hints are required..yes…Rahul Dravid a.k.a Great Wall Of India is the guy I will be talking in this blog.

He played a marvelous innnings against West Indies to help India win their first test match.Rahul Dravid is well known for his consistency.He has got an average of above 70 in test matches.I wont be wrong if I say,Dravid is back bone of Indian cricket team.Rahul Dravid is known since he started to play.He was technically better than the other experienced players in the team.Later with the practice and determination,his skill improved a lot.He has been awarded with Cricketer Of The Year by ICC and many other countless awards.He is considered as most reliable and dependable cricketer in the team.I have got a lot to tell about this great personality but havent got enough time right now….

will be continued in next blog…!!!

Twists and Turns

June 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid at play.



Predicting the result of first test match between India and West Indies would be heavenly impossible.India started of with a BANG on themselves only, with trembling openers and then the middle order.It was unbelievable 85 with 6 wickets down including captain MS Dhoni,experienced batsmen Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman.It was now Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina on the crease with all pressure on them.They both played marvelous innings to help India cope from this difficult situation.They helped India reach somehow good total,as compared from 85 for 6 to 246.They both struck 82 and 70 to choke West Indies bowlers.Now it was time for Indian bowlers to do some miracle so as to avoid embarrassing defeat.Ishant Sharma and Kumar bowled so well that made the Host come to their knees.They both took 3 wickets to seal the mouth of West Indies captain who was dreaming for easy score of 400 on the pitch,Indian batsmen were gasping for breathe.They all went back to pavilion with mere score of 173 in 67th over itself.India is currently batting with 3 players resting back in pavilion with Murli Vijay the fastest one.Rahul Dravid is on 45 and Virat Kohli on 9 leading India for hopeful win.

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India Brutally Stashed !!!

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma at Adelaide Oval



Indian fans expected that Indian Team a.k.a Team Youngistan would finish at the higher node,but they seemed stuggling.Indian team as usual fell prey to good first wicket partnership.First wicket then the second and the count went on linearly helping Host to insert their jaws in final match.It was only Virat Kohli who  played a marvelous innings to demoralize WestIndies bowlers.He helped India to attain a good defendable total of 251 by scoring brilliant 94 knock.But other batsmen were still struggling and  couldn’t even play full 50 overs.Indian batting line up devastated by Russell took 4 wickets and sent whole team with still 15 balls remaining.

After disappointing show by batsmen now it was turn for the bowlers to prove their superiority.Vinnay Kumar started with a bang,by knocking out dangerous Simmon on 6 with team score of only 12.But rest of the bowlers were choked by hard hitting Sarwan and Bravo.They blocked all the hopes of Indian fans of winning but hitting crucial 75 and 86 and helping their team to avoid 4-1 lose against youngsters !!! West Indies finished with 8 balls remaining and ended up brilliantly.

Finally,India won the series by 3-2 with deserving Rohit Sharma Man Of The Series !!!

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World Champs Trembles !!!

June 14, 2011 Leave a comment



After a marvelous start finally West Indies proved experience may overcome talent sometimes.They started fo well with Simmons and Hyatt,Indian bowler Ishant Sharma made Hyatt to commit mistake and he was caught by Tiwari…Joy could be seen among the faces of Indian players,as it is said Well Begun is Half Done.They were hoping for an easy win again…Moreover Sarwan was out in 4th over by Kumar,which increased the belief among the players as well as fans for straight 4-0 win…There were many twist nad turns in the match that sometimes made Indies in dominant side and sometimes,Youngistan.Pollard and Simmons(opener) played spell bounding innings and struck worth praising 70 and 67 against inform Indian Bowlers.The wickets kept falling on the other side but the score reached to 249 for 8..Which was a good total to defence.

India came on with Patel and Tiwary,they both were looking confident and the fans to were expecting a good first wicket partnership. With the first wicket falling on 20 and then on 41.There was a bit of worry in the dressing room.Indian batsmen were struggling to defence and the rate of falling of wickets increased tremendously.India at one time was hoping to win the match,but now the time came when they were struggling to play all 50 overs.Indian batting lineup fell at mere score of 146 in only 39 overs.From hosts side it was Martin and Russel who made Indian batsmen cry for runs.They both took 4,3 wickets respectively.

In the end,it was West Indies on the winning side,proving their excel in experience over India Youngsters…

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